About Us

Shinhopple Farm was created when mother and son (Ann and Shane) started emailing about bees from opposite ends of the Earth. Ann, in the Catskills of New York, had just acquired her first beehives and Shane was working in Chengdu, China. The desire to create an environmentally sustainable business was sparked by the fascination in the relationship between the honey bee and the flower. The goal was always to be mutually beneficial and nondestructive.

Shinhopple Farm began with these principles of giving back, as Ann raised money by selling handmade soap to help Shane bring back a stray dog that he and his friends had rescued from the streets of Chengdu. “Tique”(named because he was found in the antique district) is happy in his new home, enjoying fresh air and grass, and his image graces the Shinhopple Farm honey labels to commemorate his journey. The honey label, and all other graphics, are designed by Jacob, another family member.

Whether it's how we raise our bees - free of the chemicals, antibiotics, and excessive sugar syrup feeding so prevalent in modern beekeeping or Ann's painstaking measures to reinvent formulas for skin care products without petroleum byproducts, environmentally destructive palm oil, or synthetic preservatives: At Shinhopple Farm we want to provide people with a product that they'll enjoy as much as we do.

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All photos taken by Shinhopple Farm