Ordering Nucs


Sold out of nucs for 2019, but already taking names for the 2020 wait list. Thanks to all those wonderful beeks that bought our bees this year! Enjoy the bzzzy season!

For 2019 we are offering a limited number of treatment-free nucleus hives (nucs) in 8 frame medium wooden boxes with an overwintered upstate NY queen and her workers. Each box will contain a minimum of 6 fully drawn foundationless frames containing a mix of brood, honey and pollen. The remaining two frames may be fully drawn, partials, or empties.

This year's first round of nucs are available for an introductory price of $250.

We are now gathering names for a waiting list of people interested in purchasing a nuc this spring. To be added to the waiting list please contact us and indicate how many nucs you are interested in purchasing.

In the second half of April we will contact our waiting list with a May pick-up date. At that time you will be able to reserve your nuc with a $50 deposit through Paypal. Anyone that we can't accommodate with the first round of nucs will have the option of being put on the waiting list for a second round of nucs in June. June nucs will have queens raised in 2019.

Please do not send the deposit until we contact you with confirmation that a nuc is available for you to reserve. Deposits will only be refunded in the unlikely event that we cancel the nuc pick-up.

These nucs will be available for pick-up only, at Shinhopple Farm in Shinhopple, NY, on two Saturdays TBA, most likely in May. Beekeeping is subject to the whims of the seasons and weather but we will be informing our waiting list of firmer dates as soon as they are set.


Pick-Up Day
Pick-Up Day is basically rain or shine. In the event of severe weather we will contact all nuc buyers and move pick-up day to the following day.

Payment for the balance of your nuc ($200) is due in CASH on Pick-Up Day. Sorry we cannot accept checks or credit cards at pick-up.

On Pick-Up Day, all nucs will be ready for transport in a wooden eight frame medium box with a temporary plywood bottom board with closed entrance, and screened inner cover over the top of the box for ventilation. The bottom board will be attached to the box. 

You are responsible for securing your nuc in your vehicle and providing adequate ventilation. Bees should not be kept in a hot car, the faster they can get to their new home and be released the better.

Please be prompt and prepared on pick up day. It is stressful for the bees to be enclosed. If you intend to purchase a nuc but have a last minute unavoidable conflict, please contact us about arranging another pick-up day.


Once the bees are in your care, they are your responsibility. The nucs you will receive will be exactly like the ones we use to expand our apiary. But because beekeeping is dependent on management, location, weather, and many other variables, we cannot guarantee success. Bees also sting(: Once the nuc is in your care, you are responsible for any potential injury or loss.

Please read through our other pages if you are interested in buying a nuc, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Thanks for your interest in Shinhopple Farm's honey bees!

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