What Makes Our Honey Special?

Our honey is as close as you can get to having your own hive! We live in a location with a wide variety of wild flowers. Honey bees forage 18,000 acres and it takes 2 million flower visits to make a pound of honey. That's why we bottle each hive's honey separately instead of the common practice of blending the honey from multiple hives all together. Much like artisanal wine, this leads to unique flavors that preserve the choices the foragers made from the ever variable weather and blooms each season.

We do not feed our hives sugar syrup, which is common practice among commercial and hobby beekeepers alike, keeping our honey pure and unadulterated.

We do not use any products in the hive – no antibiotics, chemicals, or treatments of any kind.

We do not use foundation, which is made from plastic or recycled beeswax from commercial hives, for the bees to build their comb on. Their comb is completely made by them from the local nectar, just like their honey. 

We do not filter our honey. The honey is gently strained to remove bits of wax, so the healthful pollen remains.

We do not heat our honey. Our honey is raw and will naturally crystallize over time resulting in variations of texture and appearance. Many prefer the creamy texture of crystalized honey. To liquify, place the honey jar in hot water.

The combination of things we do and, as importantly, don't do, allows us to offer a completely unique honey experience rarely found in retail.